While these cant be explicit, they can be (and often are) pretty sexy
While these cant be explicit, they can be (and often are) pretty sexy

Your Profile On Feeld

As well as all the information you can add to your About section and Desires and Interests, Feeld profiles can hold up to six pictures.

So you know, if you can find a couple snaps that toe that dangerous line... personally, I could not. So, Feeld, here are five pics of me and my dog.

How Matching Works On Feeld

Okay, Ill elaborate in case you are an alien or somehow not an alien and yet a first-time dating app user.

You like a user by hitting the heart button. If they like you, you guys can chat up a storm. If they dont or havent yet, then youre unable to talk to them until they do like you. Easy peasy.

You get a pretty excellent 40 likes per 24 hours on the app with a free membership, so unless youre living somewhere with incredibly attractive residents you should be fine.

Remember you can also swipe through without either liking or disliking, essentially saving someone for later if you have managed to hit that 40 like limit (I hope you were on a really, really boring journey or something because thats a lot of likes).

If you like one half of a couple with linked profiles, you may be shown the other half of that couple quick-sharp to see if you like them, but they also appear at the bottom of the user youre looking ats profile so you can have a peek.

How Chatting Works On Feeld

Chatting on Feeld is simple. Theres a messaging app that is updated with new matches when you make them, and you just... chat. There are no gimmicks, disappearing messages or ice breakers.

Just a good old-fashioned messaging app! You can also send photos over Feeld chat, both from your gallery or camera roll and from your camera. Apart from that? Just... be interesting, I guess.

Does Feeld Have Premium Membership?

Feeld does indeed have a premium membership option. It has some pretty decent additional features and it would have to given that everyone on Feeld gets up to 40 likes a day.

This is an introductory offer, and after it expires Majestic will set you back $ every 30 days, or $ every 90. Moderately reasonable price-wise, but really not an essential spend to use Feeld.

If you ‘become Majestic (I know, trying to emotionally manipulate us much) you get a whole host of additional Feeld features. These are:

It should be noted that these pics still have to abide by Feelds photo guidelines, which say: ‘images depicting sex acts (real or simulated) or any sexually stimulating images are not allowed.

Sending unsolicited nudity photos or photos of a sexual nature via private messages will result in your account being banned.

A great Majestic feature is Incognito Mode. This means that when you tap in to edit yours, you can switch yourself to incognito mode.

So whether you want to avoid your brother seeing you while youre both home for Christmas, or need to make sure that in some situations your kinky side isnt accidentally revealed by a colleague swiping through Feeld while on a business trip, the app has you covered.

How To Download Feeld

Feeld is available for both iOS and Android and should be easy to download in the app or play store. The app comes in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish.

Final Thoughts

Feeld might look like just another swiping app, but its really making waves. From the near-exhaustive list of genders and sexualities to choose from, to the sex-positive marketing and advertising, to the open-ended ‘desires section that allows you to specify and kink you like, this app is revolutionizing what would once have been seen as ‘swinging or ‘niche Guelph best hookup apps sex.

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