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This Register of Licensees is being published in accordance with Section 26 of the Financial Services Act 2007. The register contains information only for ‘domestic’ entities licensed/approved/authorised/registered by the FSC and GBC1s licensed/approved/authorised/registered to provide financial services or to conduct financial business. The Financial FSCLC Services Commission (the ‘FSC’) is a statutory authority established to regulate & supervise non-bank financial services, provided by entities licensed or registered under the Financial Services Commission Act, Cap. You will need to have your AFS licence or be a representative of a licensee from the day you start your financial services business.

  • Vanuatu Unified Services can help guide a new start-up through the licensing stages.
  • File a complaint against an licensed Illinois regulated professional or institution.
  • BCCAR has two locations, one in Belize City and one in Belmopan City, the Capital of Belize.
  • Additionally, the government has looked at several revenue-creating selections, and one answer evaluated was the introduction of income and corporate tax.
  • Vanuatu has become the perfect destination for a base of business operation and financial investment.
  • The Commission does not accept the service of legal proceedings by email.

The Workman’s Compensation Act requires all employers to have workers compensation insurance. Upon completion of the application process and the adequacy of all relevant information, the licence is granted by the Registrar of Captive Insurance Companies.

Financial Hardship Unlocking

If you forget your username or password, the system is able to remind you by email of your forgotten details. Russia’s premeditated and unprovoked war against Ukraine flagrantly violates international law, is contrary to U.S. national security and foreign policy interests, and undermines global order, peace, and security. The United States and our Allies and partners have offered Russia numerous opportunities to de-escalate this crisis, and Russia has chosen war and conflict instead. This will prevent efforts by Russian oligarchs to offload assets or obtain assistance during the invasion of Ukraine.

Financial Services and Commission Licence Regulator

Green The Commission is keen to offer support and help innovative financial service businesses. The national administration has recognized fiscal operations as a prime opportunity to bring investments into the nation. The enactment of flexible, yet detailed, regulations is the result.

Welcome To The Financial Services Regulatory Commission Fsrc

BCCAR has two locations, one in Belize City and one in Belmopan City, the Capital of Belize. The Commission does not accept the service of legal proceedings by email. Information and guides to help to start and manage your business or company.

Indigent services by the NBV are supplemented by providers such as Vanuatu Women’s Development and the Department of Cooperatives. The VFSC’s current commissioner, George Andrews, is responsible for overseeing the agency responsible for regulation and the supervision of investment business as well as trust and service providers. ASIC assesses applications for AFS licences as part of our role as regulator Forex of the financial services industry. The IDFPR- Division of Real Estate launched an updated renewal process that may be accessed via your IDFPR Online Services Portal Account. Below are a collection of links to help renewing licensees login, prepare, and submit the required License Renewal Application. If you do not have a Portal account, please see the Portal registration instructions below.

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